About us

About US


NEO BIG BAND is a new musical approach that aspires to break time barriers.

Starting in the XXI century, we will take you in a journey to the past, our music transporting you to a golden age, where you can breathe in an atmosphere overflowing with melodious notes and a privileged musical staff. There, you will listen to the best swing and jazz classics, and the most memorable songs of all times, performed originally by some of the best exponents of the contemporary era, such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and Paul Anka, amongst others.

The musical arrangements are styled in a way that can take you into the best moments of the past, recreating the specific memories that this songs evoke while you remain in your present time and place.

The younger ones will wish to have been able to enjoy in person a golden age that lives through the years and to have been able to listen to artists like Michael Bouble, Bon Jovi, and Oasis, amongst others covers that compose our repertoire, all of them reinterpreted with a Big Band style.

SY, lead singer and admirer of the good music, is releasing his long-awaited personal project, Sy+ NEO BIG BAND, with a carefully selected repertoire, that doesn’t want to miss even one of the songs that have made those years so memorable.

The visual and auditory impact that this show offers in each of the presentations of Sy + NEO BIG BAND is the result of the hard work of a professional staff of musicians, technicians and artists that are dedicated, day after day, to care for the smallest detail related to sound, lighting, visual presentation, staging, and wardrobe, all of them indispensable to offer a quality show.

The mix of virtuoso musicians, classical instruments, and an unsurpassed voice and leading vocals talent, ultimately achieve the perfect musical formula, a good taste mixture between the classic and the contemporary.

Sy + NEO BIG BAND are the most significant representation of the current Crooner.

A show created with the most demanding public in mind, where every detail is thoroughly thought about and implemented.

With the help of the latest technology, Sy+NEO BIG BAND offers a versatile range of presentations: from the largest stages (with the BIG BAND format) to the most intimate events, while maintaining the quality level and offering an incomparable show.

We invite you to be a part of this wonderful musical journey and to enjoy our new and wonderful show Sy+NEO BIGBAND